As I read the definition of brilliant, I started realizing that it was the same adjectives repeated just with a different word. Bright, shining, luminous, radiant, bright, intelligent etc. After pondering a bit over what seems to be such a simple word, the word “art” came to mind with the same conclusion.  What is art? Though looking the definition up it said there were many arguments that “one can not define art”. Well wouldn’t one conclude that same argument could go with the word brilliant? Isn’t it the eye of the beholder what is brilliant or what is art?

Take art.  Art is brilliant. A child laughing is brilliant. New age technology that actually benefits for the better and not just for the betterment of one’s wallet is brilliant. Anything can be brilliant to someone.  Just like art, something brilliant to someone is the arrangement of the elements or senses to allow everyone to see brilliant in their own way.  Go be brilliant today! Look at life differently, through other eyes.


What comes to mind when you here the word haunted?  For me I think Halloween, scary things, ghosts etc. Is that the only real definition for it? No.  Haunted can describe how we as people feel at times.  Sometimes it might be they have haunting feeling, sort of like a drogue.  They could experience dreams that the only word they can find is it was a haunted dream. These “haunted’ dreams can be stemmed off worrisome and fearful issues they are experiencing in real life.  Wouldn’t it be great if things would be so simple that even the word ” Haunted” would just mean a haunted house? Reality haunted just does not stick to the month of October.  People can be haunted all there lives over a mistake, a what if, or just battling their own personal demons. It’s so important for us to understand that a simple Hi could eliminate the haunting feeling of feeling unwanted.  A random act of kindness could help lesson someone’s stressful day, in hopes that they may find an ounce of peace?  We may never know but, it also never hurts to actually step out of our comfort zone and put a smile on someone’s face because soon it reflects on ours.